Ideas for continuing Great Decisions throughout the year

It was the consensus of the group that we enjoyed meeting, learned a great deal from the sessions, and wanted to continue gathering to discuss topical issues.  Without prepared materials and structured guidelines, this will require considerable initiative and effort from the group.  We should at least try.

From a practical standpoint, we divided the sessions into three groups: topical issues without a guest speaker, a guest speaker, and less frequently, a book club. Following are the ideas generated that had the greatest interest.  These were generated in less than 10 minutes. With more thought, I am certain that we can expand the list and then prioritize what we would like most.

Topical issues

  • Election security
  • The neuropsychology of the partisan divide. What causes bias?
  • What is the media? How is Fox News different from CNN and NPR?
  • Freedom of speech
  • Ranked choice voting
  • The future of healthcare
  • The second amendment in the 21st-century
  • The 13 Keys to the Presidency


Guest speakers (these were aspirational)

  • Patrick McHenry
  • John Hood
  • Jeff Jackson
  • Nancy Meek
  • Heather Cox Richardson
  • League of women’s voters
  • Representative from Duke power on the future of energy


Books worth exploring