Annual Community Grants

The Greater Hickory International Council (GHIC) offers grants to community organizations that provide programs supportive of the goals, purposes and projects of the GHIC.  Proposals should be received by March 1, 2021, and awardees will be identified by the end of April.

Grant Rules and Criteria

  1. Grants may be requested at any amount up to a maximum of $500. Applications for smaller grants are acceptable and are encouraged. Grants may not be used to pay salaries or to otherwise compensate individuals.
  2. Grants will generally be given only once for a specific program or project. Grantees however may apply for a grant for a different program or project in subsequent years. At the discretion of the Greater Hickory International Council a grant may be given to a multi-year project which received a grant in a prior year.
  3. Grantees must provide a minimum of 50% of project support, either financially or via in kind donations including significant volunteer effort. If volunteer effort is claimed to meet this requirement, the estimated amount of volunteer effort must be detailed in the grant application. The grant application must provide specific details as to how the applicant will use the grant monies and how the minimum 50% project support requirement will be met.
  4. Grants may be given as either “seed money” or for operational costs of a program or project.
  5. Applications submitted after the due date of March 1, 2021 will not be considered.
  6. Grants may be awarded to individuals, non-profit organizations or community organizations (e.g. churches, schools, senior centers, civic organizations, scout troops, etc.).
  7. Grants can be awarded to individuals or organizations that operate within the Unifour.
  8. Grant proposals must indicate how the project or program supports the goals, purposes and mission of the Greater Hickory International Council.

    If interested in applying for the grant, fill out the application using one of the links below and submit by March 1, 2020. For questions, contact Hani Nassar at 828.234.6330 or  

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